Earn Your CE / Discounts

“Earn Your CE Or A Vacation In Paradise” – Discounts
In remaining true to “making CE affordable and fun”, we have a number of ways that you as an Agent can earn discounts on your Vacation Classes package or even earn your entire trip (except airfare). Here are our promotional opportunities:

Early Bird Registration Discount – $100 per room discount if you and your guest register by the Early Registration deadline listed on the home page.

Real Estate Association and Broker Referral Program – $1000 will be paid to any Association that refers Agents who book 10 or more Vacation Classes rooms – double occupancy only! Each of the 10 rooms must be occupied by at least one Agent per room. Payment will be made upon trip completion.

“Get Your CE” – An Agent goes FREE with the referral of at least 10 or more purchased Vacation Classes Rooms with at least 1 Agent occupying each room (double occupancy only) – single occupancy and/or Early Bird Discounts do not apply – 2nd Agent or Guest per room pays full package price – airfare, upgrades and extensions are not included – Referring Agent must list Parties referred at time of sign-up and will be credited Agent package price upon trip completion .

“Bring the Gang Discount” – One Agent Vacation Classes Package Price will be paid to a “gang” of 10 or more Agents who purchase 10 rooms (double occupancy – guests welcome) which will reduce the cost of the Vacation Classes Package proportionately per Room – extensions, upgrades, single occupancy and Early Bird Discount do not apply! Discount will be credited to each of the 10 “Gang” Agents upon trip completion.

So gather your friends or tell your peers and colleagues about these amazing discounts and get ready for the best Real Estate CE experience you have ever had along with some fun in the sun!